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Ron Philbeck
757 Wallace Grove Church Rd.
Shelby, NC 28150
(704) 480-6046


bowl with rattan handleAfter studying mathematics at North Carolina State University, Ron was introduced to clay in 1992. At that point, he left academia for the pursuit of producing the finest handmade objects possible.

Ron's journey began at local community colleges, and later at John C. Campbell Folk School where he studied with Marcia Bugg and Leon Nichols. The following three summers, Ron attended Arrowmont School of Crafts in Gatlinburg, TN. There he studied with Mary Law, Jim Brashear, Linda Christianson, Mary Barringer, Clary Illian, and Patrick Horsley. He has attended workshops led by Warren Mackenzie, Michael Simon, Ron Myers, Don Reitz, Ellen Shankin, Jeff Oestreich, and Richard Aerni.teapot with thrown handle

Armed with input and inspiration from this group of nationally and internationally acclaimed potters, Ron has laid the ground work for developing his own voice in clay. Mixing his clay by hand, and utilizing a Leach style treadle wheel and hard brick salt kiln; Ron's relaxed style of pot making is reminiscent of an earlier era, a time when quality and craftsmanship was a statement in and of itself.

flaskRon's pots are available during kiln openings (and by chance) at his home/pottery. Kiln openings are held 4 times a year, although his door is always open. Be sure and e-mail Ron to get directions to his pottery shop and to have your name added to his mailing list.

Check out philbeckstudios.com for more images of Ron's pots and jewelry by Sarah Philbeck!

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