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Rusty Sieck/Chicken Bridge Pottery
352 Mount Olive Church Rd.
Pittsboro, NC 27312
(919) 545-2077

The smooth, fluid feel of clay is forever fascinating to me. A freshly thrown pot, set on a ware board beside the potter's wheel is so full of life it seems almost to breathe and move. For me, the process of finishing the pot, glazing and firing it is about trying to freeze this vital moment of the newly-thrown pot into stone. My runny ash glazes and muted, earthy color tones are meant to preserve and enhance the original vitality of the clay itself. It is my hope that this vitality does remain and will bring life, beauty and simple joy into the home of those who use my pots.

I was born in Toronto, Canada in 1967 and my family moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota when I was about 1 years old. I threw my first pots at a community art center in Minneapolis when I was 11 years old. Between my third and fourth years of college, while traveling in Europe, my love of clay was rekindled upon seeing a large collection of medieval jugs and bellarmines in a Belgian museum. These robust and beautiful salt-glazed forms affected me profoundly and I have been pursuing clay ever since.

Most of what I know about clay, I've learned from other potters and from experience. After college, I took the first clay-related job I could find at a small pottery in St. Paul, MN. I started off glazing pots and loading/unloading kilns and soon became a production potter. After several years there, I took a position as the head potter at an historic pottery in Red Wing, Minnesota, where I worked for 3 years until I moved with my wife and children to Pittsboro, North Carolina and started Chicken Bridge Pottery.

Kiln openings are held periodically and my studio is open other times by appointment. To add your name to my kiln opening mailing list, or to be notified of upcoming shows and exhibitions, send e-mail to rsieck@sprynet.com or visit the Chicken Bridge Pottery homepage and fill out an online form. My Work can be seen at numerous shops and galleries throughout the United States - I hope to have at least a partial list on my homepage soon.

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